About Halmstad

Halmstad has about 100 000 residents, and with its unbeatable location on the Swedish west coast, its love for the sea, nature reserves, miles long beaches, forests and walking trails along the shoreline, Halmstad has a special place in many peoples hearts.

Halmstad is known as the Golf Capital, and resides twelve golf courts in varying and scenic environments. With a city centre full of life, restaurants with outdoor seating, nightclubs and lovely venues, Halmstad fills you with energy regardless of season. Within a 150-kilometre radius from Halmstad 4,8 million people resides.

Travel to Halmstad

The E6 from Copenhagen/Malmö to Gothenburg/Oslo runs just outside the city. The X2000 and Öresundståg stop here, and Halmstad City Airport is just 10 minutes away from the city centre. The international airports of Gothenburg and Malmö are just a one-hour train ride from Halmstad.

Live in Halmstad

Halmstad has a variety of hotels and hostels. To read more about where to live and what to do while in Halmstad, visit destinationhalmstad.seexternal link, opens in new window or contact Halmstad Tourist Office at +4635-12 02 00. Visit the event calendar to find out what happens in Halmstad when you are visiting.